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We’ll Help You Come Into Being

We design, develop and evaluate new businesses in all aspects of the project, from conception to the technical, functional and economic aspects, sales and communication, market research etc.

We develop and implement strategic plans and suitable management models for the implementation of new leisure projects, or for modifying and improving functioning centres.

We select and train suitable personnel at all levels: executive, middle management and base structure. We select the supplier structure for materials and services, adjusted to planned quality and costs.

We’ll Run Your Business

Based on the development of a detailed business plan, we can manage leisure centres with our own managers, either temporarily until the implementation of the model, or permanently, as long term management operators. We can do this for both new projects as well as already functioning businesses.

Feasibility Plans

We design, develop, implement and monitor strategic plans and feasibility studies for companies in the leisure industry.

The approach, structure and much of the language of these plans are sector specific and far from common, general models.

Strategy and Communication Consultancy

At D.T.A. we develop both specific projects and strategic solutions for marketing and communication, including complete action plans, covering all stages of development, from initial concept to implementation and management.

We conduct the necessary market research to obtain qualitative and quantitative information of the potential market, allowing us to properly size and position the leisure centre.

We develop sales and marketing plans, defining the target audience and appropriate distribution channels and specifying actions needed to achieve objectives.

We develop advertising campaigns through conventional and unconventional mass media (online and social networks). We develop comprehensive Public Relations plans for clients, opinion leaders, dealers, media etc.

We design media communication plans, almost always needed in the leisure sector to complement and enhance the visibility of advertising campaigns.

We carry out sponsorship plans to attract companies or institutions in collaborating and supporting the funding of projects.

We carry out the necessary studies for the planning and implementation of promotional activities.

Recruitment And In-House Training

D.T.A. has an extensive database of qualified and experienced personnel in the leisure sector, enabling us to immediately cover any position on the organizational chart.

We offer training solutions to businesses and professionals in the leisure centre sector in all functional areas, by designing customized programs after a combined identification of current and future needs.

Variable Fees

We are confident in our work and are committed to the results of our plans, so we always offer clients a portion of variable fees based on the achievement of objectives.

Production and Event Management

We offer our experience in organizing events as part of our services, assuming full management from conception to implementation.

Specialists in Public Tenders

We have extensive experience in the development of plans for successful public tenders. We’ll help you to bid on public projects related to leisure.

Financing Help

We keep contacts with private equity and capital funds, and to which we commonly present business investment projects related to the leisure sector and developed by our team.

We’ll Improve Your Results

We design and initiate proven sector management models and monitor their proper implementation. We propose targeted and effective solutions for improved results in the management of leisure centres and tourism.

We design, implement and supervise viability and restructuring plans needed to revive the company.

Our approach is dynamic, the important thing being that the company continues in the market. We identify restructuring with resizing, not necessarily with reduction. Resizing does not always mean “reducing”, but rather the adjustment of costs to foreseen levels of income.

Cutting expenses is in itself a relatively easy thing to do, but rather simplistic, extreme cost reduction plans can lead companies to ruin in no time at all. Cost reduction should not be an end in itself, but a tool to correlate revenue and expenses. An in-depth analysis is absolutely essential in order to identify productive costs (those that lend the company its capacity to generate income and to grow), and unproductive and unnecessary costs (which act as a distorting element in the productive process).

We design and develop the necessary marketing, communication and general action plans to reposition the Company.

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