Breadth of the Market

Who are we aimed at?


This vision of “leisure” defines the breadth of the market we are addressing. Such breadth is justified by specifying what the essence of this market is and what truly differentiates it. Regardless of a particular leisure centre’s activity, we see five key strategic stages common to all of them:

Potential Market

Definition and identification of potential target market.

The number of people that make up our market, where our potential visitors are geographically, who they are (age, economic means, tastes, etc.).

Channels and Tools

Definition and design of appropriate channels and tools to attract visitors.

Through them we determine the target number of visitors to plan for, conditioned of course by the capacity of the centre itself. This is the starting point for determining scales.

Management Model

Management model definition and sizing of resources.

We need to specify how and with what resources we are going to handle management of the centre in order to serve our visitors.


Safe and efficient management of the centre.

Implementation of the plan and management model. Sound management should be an obsession and efficiency is determined by the resilience of the company to each new situation, quickly and periodically correcting our own planning based on the analysis of deviations.

Results Assesment

Assessment of results and long-term planning.

The centre’s horizons depend on the success of its long-term policy.